VIP Partakes in Therapeutic Fishing Trip for Vets

By VIP MortgageJune 23, 2016Community Outreach, News

VIP’s Robert Dryden makes this trip and yearly commitment. As News 4 Tucson, reports:

Nearly a dozen wounded veterans are on their way to Mexico, thanks to a local charity. Organized by outdoor adventures for wounded veterans, the men will be spending the next week fishing in the Sea of Cortez.

Organizers said they planned the trip as a way to give back. All of the veterans going on the trip were wounded in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Many have never been fishing, so organizers hope this will be a great chance to have some fun and heal.

“It’s tough when they come back to the United States and they are not welcomed with open arms,” said Robert Dryden, trip organizer. “And after a weekend of being together with all these other veterans and with us, and just seeing how much fun life is, I mean it’s amazing the affects it has on these guys.”

While in Mexico the group will be deep sea fishing for marlins and other large fish. This is the seventh year in a row Outdoor Adventures for Wounded Veterans has planned the trip. Everything is free for the veterans. The charity pays for the trip with members donations.