It’s Time To Get Moving

Mission and Culture

Who we are and where we came from is just as important as where we are headed. V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. doesn’t just talk the talk about company culture, we walk the walk.

Whether you are a mortgage industry veteran or someone brand new to the business, V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. gives you a place to grow and flourish, while maintaining a strong work/life balance. Through V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.’s Lead Up initiative, leadership is at the bottom of the pyramid and employees are at the top. This allows for open and honest communication, creative problem solving, and a company held belief that we truly are better together.

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Dina Haselip

The thing that stands out to me at VIP are the people. VIP has amazing people. Anyone you reach out to is genuinely willing to help you. Jay and Keith are incredible. They are real and they care more than any leaders I have ever worked with.

Dina Haselip, Sales Support Manager

VIP makes me feel Iike I am making a difference every day! By having such a strong belief in employees, from the bottom to the top, all employees have a voice. I love that VIP let’s me be me and supports a strong work/life balance, which is so important in today’s hectic world. As mortgage companies go, there is no better company than VP!

Paula Clendaniel , Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Metz

One of my favorite things about working here is the sense of camaraderie and people working together. There is no cut-throat backstabbing politics, just people working together and supporting each other with the mutual goal of helping our clients.

Mike Metz, Operations Manager