With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the incredible impact even the smallest donations can have within our community.  In the spirit of this charitable day, VIP Mortgage’s nonprofit – The VIP Foundation – is a great place to give, where 100 percent of your donation reaches a designated charity.

Since its inception in 2021, the VIP Foundation has played a pivotal role in providing support to smaller charities across the valley including Lily’s Pad, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and the Rise and Dream Foundation. VIP’s co-founders Jay Barbour and Keith Teegardin always envisioned making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are under-recognized and under-funded; their journey led them to create this platform through which they could channel the generosity of the community to address critical local needs.

The heart of their mission is encapsulated in VIP Mortgage’s longstanding mantra: “Lead with Heart.” This commitment to leading with empathy and compassion guides their philanthropic efforts, demonstrating that making a substantial impact on the community is not solely dependent on the size of a contribution, but on the heart behind it.

The Power of Collective Giving

Even a modest contribution can be a lifeline for the organizations supported by The VIP Foundation, allowing them to continue their invaluable work and fulfill their missions. By pooling together small donations from various sources, the foundation creates a substantial fund that is then distributed to smaller charities. These grassroots organizations often operate with limited budgets, making every dollar count. The impact of these collective donations ripples through the community, creating positive change that touches the lives of many.

What Our Philanthropic Partners Say

  • “I sometimes have to pinch myself at the results we have achieved. All possible because of people like you…and companies like VIP. The foundation has been there with us from the start.” Joe Genovese, chapter president, Sleep in Heavenly Peace
  • “The support we have received from VIP Foundation has been truly priceless. With the foundation’s generosity, we have been able to impact over 2,500 children, families, and homeless men and women. We have supplied them with food, clothes, shoes, school supplies, haircuts, hygiene products and more.” Kristin Hodge, Rise and Dream Foundation
  • “The VIP Foundation has supported the mission of Lily’s Pad since we first presented the idea to them. They saw our vision and granted us funding to help us build our facility.  Receiving support from organizations such as the VIP Foundation has been critical to achieving our dreams of building this unique and innovative space.” Dawn Garza, Lily’s Pad

Where We Donate

The VIP Foundation’s commitment to community prosperity is reflected in its three primary focus areas:

  1. Quality of Life – Support for public spaces, parks, trails, the outdoors, animal welfare, children’s issues, and education
  2. Health and Wellness – Support for food assistance, nutrition, health-related organizations, wellness, fitness, disease prevention and research, and people experiencing health emergencies.
  3. Collaboration – Support for civic organizations, the military, veterans, and other non-profits with a shared mission.

Ways to Donate

The VIP Foundation has already made a significant impact by donating over $200,000 to more than 20 charitable causes. You too can be a catalyst for change in our community. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Purchase a VIP Foundation t-shirt for $25 here.
  • Employees can have a dollar amount or percentage deducted from their paycheck.
  • Give a onetime donation.

For more information, contact Phil Shumway, VIP Foundation Director, 602-430-4905, [email protected]. Visit our website.