If you live in the Southwest, you’ve indeed experienced a monsoon. Those powerful thunderstorms create heavy downpours and high winds, which can wreak havoc on your home and surrounding property. Regular maintenance can ensure your home, landscaping, and belongings remain safe and secure.

Water Flow Matters

During a monsoon, rain falls faster and heavier, causing surface areas to flood quickly because the soil cannot absorb the water fast enough. Ensure the area surrounding your home is graded away from the foundation and downspouts from gutters are positioned away from your home.

Besides positioning your gutters correctly, clean your gutters and remove any debris that has accumulated such as leaves and pine needles. Clogs obstructing water flow in your gutter lead to overspills that can potentially absorb into the home’s foundation.

Secondly, have a professional inspect your roof during monsoon season to check for broken shingles and cracks. Even the most minor roof leak can cause considerable damage from moisture inside your home, including mold and other harmful bacteria.

Lastly, weatherproofing your doors and windows each year will prevent water from entering the home and causing issues.

Tidy Up Trees and Secure Possessions

While many associate monsoons with heavy rains, the strength of the wind gives a monsoon its name, gusts of wind during a monsoon thunderstorm can exceed 40 miles per hour. Those heavy winds can cause overgrown trees to break branches or topple over. During a monsoon, drenched soil can loosen the roots of a tree, while wind gusts can knock it over. Be sure to trim branches, allowing wind to flow through the tree. A downed tree in the yard is one thing, however, a tree falling directly on your home leads to an even more extensive and expensive clean up. Don’t forget to protect the adornments in your yard. You’ve put both heart and hard-earned money into making your house a home. Be sure to protect these additions and secure anything moveable such as potted plants, patio furniture, and yard trinkets.