March is often referred to as the kickoff for house hunting season. Most people buy and sell their homes in the spring as school winds down and summer approaches.

If you are in the market to buy a house this spring, consider taking a moment to write down the things that are important to you in your home. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you think you’ve found the home of your dreams. There are always ‘needs versus wants’ and taking a moment to put on paper what your deal breakers are might help keep everything in perspective when you’re in the throes of house hunting. It’s human nature to get caught up in the moment, fall in love, and want to throw everything else out the window. Your wish list will help you stay on track to finding your perfect home.

Size Matters

This is the first thing most homebuyers use to narrow down their home search. How big or small of a house are you considering? How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? What kind of entertaining do you plan to do? Do you like to cook? Is a big kitchen important to you? How about the family room? Do you prefer big and open or small and cozy? Are you bringing furniture with you? Will your old furniture fit in your new space?

Lifestyle Preferences

Depending on your lifestyle, you may or may not want a big yard. A large lot means maintenance. Do you like to work in the yard? How about a garden? Do you have dogs? Is the yard fenced? Another factor to consider when considering your lifestyle is location. For those who are social and like to go out a lot, you may want to purchase a home closer to restaurants, businesses. Do you have a family? Parks and surrounding children’s activities might be a key factor. If you’re a homebody, be sure to consider noise factors like traffic or a nearby airport.

Lean on the Experts       

Most important thing to do when whittling down the elements of your perfect home is listening to the experts. Never skip the home inspection. No matter how much you love a house, a certified inspector will help you discover if there is anything wrong with the home. Is the roof in good condition? Check out the attic. Are there any stains on the inside from water damage? The inspector will review everything including the foundation, the plumbing, and the heating and cooling system. Consider the climate your live in. Will you need air conditioning? Will you use heat much of the time?

These are all practical, simple considerations you should make before purchasing a home. When house hunting, often you will just ‘get a feeling’ about a certain home. Don’t let your emotions take over. Stay sensible and remember what’s important to you.

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