VIP’s goal is to stand out above the crowd as the best, not the biggest, mortgage lender in the industry and to remain our clients’ Lender of Choice.

— Jay Barbour

Our customer service doesn’t stop with the homebuyers we serve; our partners in business are just as significant to VIP’s wagon wheel and are entitled to the same top-notch service and respect.

•  LendersOne is one of VIP’s national alliances, sharing best practices with top lenders and lending partners, and focuses on helping member companies provide extensive revenue-enhancing and cost-saving opportunities.

•  Affiliate Realtor Association memberships: Arizona Association of Realtors, Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Phoenix Association of Realtors, Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors, West Maricopa Association of Realtors

•  Homebuilder Partners: SC Homes, Marciano Properties, Global Wide Green, Nance Construction, Cresleigh Homes, Porchlight Homes, Catalina Homes, Beazer, Gehan, Lifestyle Homes, Sombra Homes, Richmond American, Miramonte, DR Horton, Ritz Carlton, AF Sterling

•  Driven Lender is a coaching program committed to helping mortgage professionals change their lives. Initially started by Jon Bohm with Driven Coaching, Jon worked with many of VIP’s executive team members and top producers to identify tools and ideas to help them grow both professionally and personally. The program impacted many of them to such great depths that VIP’s principals – Jay Barbour and Keith Teegardin – decided to expand the program, creating Driven Lender – available to all professionals in the industry.

•  VIP Insurance Services (VIPIN) is an affiliate of VIP Mortgage, representing multiple insurance carriers nationwide. Potential buyers are required to show proof of insurance when purchasing a new home and many of them request quotes from various carriers. VIP saw a need to simplify the process for clients with same day turnaround quotes and the opportunity to bundle and manage all of our clients insurances under one carrier potentially saving customers up to 30%.

•  Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) and VIP are offering classes on subjects such as: What is the Process of Buying a House? Why should I care about my credit report? Do I need to have a credit card to build credit?, etc. VIP is paying for the top entrepreneurial students to go through the Rising Stars leadership program. The idea is to open doors and encourage young adults to take an interest in an industry in which the average age of a loan officer is 55 years old.


VIP grades itself on market share as confirmation we are doing our jobs great when our market share increases. Currently, VIP is ranked in the top 20 banks market share overall, and in the top 10 when you compare us without the major national bank players. We are also seventh in Maricopa County in Resale Market Share, fourth in the Tucson market.

Investors, including big names like Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Mortgage and US Bank, all purchase loans from VIP and grade the company on portfolio qualities. From credit scores to LTV and delinquencies, VIP is graded and placed in tiers with tier one being the best of three tiers. VIP is proud to be in tier one with all of the investors we serve. Our investors have complimented us time and time again on great, quality loans that perform. This translates to better pricing on interest rates that we are then able to pass on to our borrowers.