Our goal is to lift up employees and help them recognize their own true value and worth.

– Jay Barbour

The vision at VIP is to create an exclusive mortgage professionals club for high level thinkers that have the aptitude and high-grade sophistication to grasp more sophisticated programs and products for our consumers, while at the same time, developing younger, eager talent through educational programs.

VIP prides itself on building a workplace environment that not only encourages employees’ optimism, problem solving and persistence to learn and grow, but also one that exhibits spirited, fun and family fellowship. A key priority in creating this successful environment is developing innovative programs and technology designed to enhance the capabilities of our loan originators and support their individual business needs so that they may conduct their business anytime, anywhere. The goal is to empower the men and women out there selling our product to control their own bottom line and utilize only the resources that fit their individual needs in the markets they serve. This avoids layering the entire company with wasteful overhead costs and results in a savings pass-through to our borrowers.

Career Development Programs

One of VIP’s top priorities is helping our producers/loan officers (LOs) achieve success while maintaining a balanced quality of life. We do this by offering various programs that foster high engagement and career development, exemplifying leaderships’ continued commitment to training and growth. Many of our initiatives are innovative, ahead-of-the-curve programs helping to transform the industry.


is creating transparency where employees can see how life, job and culture can all be intermixed. Employees used to fill out forms, now the forms are interactive and launch workflow; and by streamlining workflow and creating transparency throughout the process, VIP has removed the duplication of efforts across the entire process. This not only helps the organization, but also ensures that the clients’ experience is enhanced as well.

Loan Officer University

is VIP’s in-house ‘university’ allowing people new to the industry to receive a salary while working closely with the various operations departments to grow and learn. The program is custom-tailored for each applicant to play to their strengths and make sure they complete the program with a thorough understanding of how the mortgage process works. The idea is to find out what the employee likes to do and is good at, rather than sticking them in a position they’ll wind up resenting. This refined sales program also hosts weekly meetings, interactive training scenarios and guest speakers.

VIP at Work

is a program designed to build relationships with local corporations in order to offer our loan officers direct access to these relationships and corporations’ employees. A national account manager establishes the relationships and the corporation promotes VIP’s designated representative who then provides educational presentations and in-house mortgage services creating multiple leads and Realtor referrals. The idea is to work directly with the client, helping and educating the client FIRST.

Loan Officer Advisory Board

(LOAB) was chartered to provide top leadership with the perspective, ideas, and opinions of the “working loan officer” from across the company. Comprised of senior loan officers from all geographic regions of VIP, LOAB is a progressive approach to examining different leadership topics. The group discusses issues that affect the loan officers in their daily work lives and brainstorm ways to streamline processes and make VIP stand out in the marketplace as a premier lender.

Customer Service

supports loan officers by handling exchanges with customers through LiveChat, 1-800 calls, and email blasts to realtors informing them of continuing education classes sponsored by VIP and Empire West Title Agency. The team also manages invitations to our Annual Realtor Appreciation Luncheons and other events.

Employee Perks

  • Stay Organized With Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Career Development Programs
  • Paid Volunteer Time Off
  • In-House Masseuse
  • Free Branded Gear
  • Centralized Locations In The Heart Of Great Cities
  • Department Incentives
  • Corporate Yoga Classes and paid gym membership discounts
  • Team building events such as sporting event tickets
  • Catered breakfasts & lunches regularly
  • Annual Health Fair includes masseuse, yoga instructor, vitamin infusions, chiropractic adjustments, discounted biometric screenings and samples from Whole Foods and LA Fitness.
  • Each summer, VIP rents out Big Surf, an Arizona water park, for nearly 1,000 employees and their guests to enjoy an evening of fun and kinship

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