Meet Your Loan Officer

Once you’ve selected the loan officer that works for you, your loan officer will schedule a meeting with you. Together you’ll review your credit, discuss your goals for both your loan and the process, and look through your financial options.

Start Your Application

We will walk you through our application as your first step toward home ownership. Once you’ve provided as much information as you can, we can jump start the process.

Gather Your Documents

Your loan officer will send you home with a list of documents for you to collect such as bank statements, W2s, employment and pay stubs. For a more accurate documentation list download our Documentation Checklist.

Wait For Appraisal

We roll over your application to our appraisal team members to keep your application on track fast, rather than outsourcing to another company.

Initial Underwriting

Things ramp up as our underwriting team takes your loan through the next step of the process.

Loan Approved With Revisions

After your loan has been reviewed, if all goes well your loan receives our green light of approval! There may be a few conditions you will need to address with your loan officer to correct and resubmit for review. Then your loan will move forward into processing.

Processing Begins

Our streamlined process will review every part of your loan. Our team will work day and night to make sure closing comes quickly and smoothly.

Final Underwriting

Our underwriting team will now review your loan and verify that all conditions have been met. Congratulations, your loan process is now complete and you are ready to close!


Our team talks with the seller’s attorney and reviews and finalizes all paperwork. All last minute questions are answered, as we finish sailing through the process and you journey into home ownership. Welcome home.

Move In Day

It’s closer than you think. Contact us to kick start the process.
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